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We were founded in 2008 by musical theatre folks who wanted to provide a low cost, fully functional ticketing system for ourselves and our colleagues.

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E-Books to Make Your Events the Best They Can Be!

Event Sucess

A Teacher's guide to selecting and managing high school musicals and performing arts events. 42 Pages.


Social Media Marketing


E-book on how to prepare to select a ticketing system and questions to ask potential vendors. 23 Pages.


Learn how to to use social media to grow your performing arts organization. 15 pages.


Learn why service fees exist, what your audience thinks of them and whether or not you shoul use them. 15 pages.

Understand the latest trends in tiketing technology, including mobility, QR codes and scanners. 18 pages.


Email marketing is the new patron management. Learn how do it effectively to enhance your brand and dirve attendence. 22 pages.

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